Mazmorra Records was founded on January 5th 2015 by two childhood friends born and raised in Hollis, Oklahoma.  Richard Rosales and Roland Sabedra have worked as musicians and recording engineers throughout the past 20 years.  Richard is a Six-Time Grammy Award winner with multiple nominations for producing, audio engineering, and song composition for various artists.
    On March 31, 2015 Richard received a prestigious award from BMI Publishing for the Regional Mexican song most radio played of 2014, "Juramos Amarnos" whom is recorded and performed by legendary artist Ramon Ayala y Los Bravos Del Norte. Roland has been involved with a variety of independent projects and artists in recording and audio engineering in the San Antonio, Tx area and surrounding cities.
    The time has finally come, and now together they have combined their talent and expertise of the music business and offer services to professionals and independent artist of all genres.